Graphic overlays in polycarbonate (or Lexan) are among the most durable identification products. The inscription is protected by a reliable and effective material, and a great selection of superior quality adhesives ensure its durability.
We work in close collaboration with regulatory organizations, to print polycarbonate (or Lexan) overlays to their standards.

Product Identification
Take advantage of our expertise by choosing this permanent solution – for a visual effect that stands out! Our design department will assist you in the creation process.
Faceplates & Keypad Overlays
Our overlays are printed, cut, and embossed to your specifications, to fit together perfectly with your casings or your controllers, as our impressive list of customers in this field will testify!
Membrane Switches
Are your membrane switches installed outdoors and have to deal with elements such as sun, rain, and cold? We have experience with these extreme situations, and we know how to adapt to them. Imagine, then, the durability of our indoor keyboards, which are kept away from bad weather! Beyond our renowned expertise, you will also benefit from the creativity of our design department.
Your R&D department needs a prototype quickly? Your marketing team wants samples for a commercial fair? We have fast and efficient solutions! Contact us.
Photoluminescence / Braille
While exposed to light, photoluminescent materials absorb some of the light’s energy and re-emit it as a yellow-green tint. This “glow-in-the-dark” characteristic makes it possible to offer self-luminating emergency signage. Further, thanks to our experience in the transport industry, we can also emboss Braille onto labels made out of Lexan.
Plastic Tags
Plastic tags are durable and economical. You can use these tags underground, or in tough chemical environments.